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All greens are priced by the bunch unless otherwise noted. Grower bunches are decent size bunches. Please let us know ahead , greens are somewhat seasonal and subject to availability.

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  1. Banana Leaves Huge!

    Banana Leaves 3-4 feet
  2. Bear Grass

    Bear Grass, Grower bunch
  3. Green Smilax Garland 3 feet

    Smilax is a ready made garland of many small vines growing around a central string. They are approximately 3 feet long. The leaves are small and can be covered by a typical coin. Available all year with some limited availability in the winter months. Smilax is highly perishable and needs to be used relatively quick ( 24-48 ) hours after receipt . Keep cool and mist lightly. To keep hydrated it can be submerged in cold water for a few minutes . . No returns or refunds on Smilax , order at own risk
  4. Hypericum berries blush

    Hypericum berries blush
  5. Hypericum berries Coffee

    Hypericum berries Coffee
  6. Hypericum berries Cream

    Hypericum berries Cream
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Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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