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Shichimi Togarashi 2.35 Oz

Quick Overview

5280Market and 5280Gourmet Present Shichimi Togarashi is a spicy powdered assortment of dried chil peppers and other seasonings. Ingredients include red chili pepper, orange peel, sesame seeds, Japanese pepper, ginger and seaweed. Add this flavorful seasoning to your noodle soup dishes or any other dish that needs an extra spice.Use this seasoning in nabemono (one pot dishes), soups, udon noodles (wheat noodles), and yakitori (chicken pieces broiled on a skewer). Additionally, this seasoning is nice for stir-frying, encrusting, or just spicing up fish, poultry or beef.

Spice Tips!
More Uses:
Seasoned Edamame: Sprinkle on top of steamed edamame.
Togarashi Egg Salad: Mix with mayo, hard-boiled eggs, and diced cucumbers and radishes.

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