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Mono arrangements , Arrangement's made with only one flower type like tulips arrangement , gerbera arrangement , Delphinium arrangement , Gloriosa Arrangement Iris arrangement and many others

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Mono Arrangements

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  1. Mixed Gerbera arrangement

    Mixed color Gerbera in Vase with Bear Grass 10 stem $ 45.00
  2. Mono Gerbera With River Rock

    Mono Gerbera with River Rock. Available in different colors $ 45.00
  3. Gerbera out of the box, pick colors

    Classic high style gerbera arrangement in wooden box
  4. Gerbera Bowls

    Gerbera Bowl arrangements with river rock and Lillie grass. Only available in Denver . For areas outside of Denver a 5.00-10.00 fee will be added Not Available North of 104, South of C470, East of Tower Rd and West of Indiana )
  5. Gerbera Bud vase

    Gerbera Bud vase arrangement. 3 Gerbera'a with filler and green. Colors subject to availability . Please note this item is only available for Delivery in parts of Denver . For Littleton , Arvada , Lakewood, Parts of Aurora , Westminster , and other cities out side Denver the item will have an added fee of $ 5.00-10. Not available in areas North of 104, South of C470, East of Tower Rd and West of Indiana )
  6. Iris Iris in Vase

    Iris Arrangement

    Blue Iris in Vase , with Bear grass 10 stem arrangement Can be send in Bud . Please avoid sending in Summertime with with high temperatures,

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $29.95

  7. Mixed Iris Arrangement

    mixed Iris in Vase withe Bear grass up to 3 colors, start at $ 35.00 for a 10 stem arrangement Will be send in bud
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7 Item(s)