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Supermarket Flower Prices VS Florists Flower Prices

By 11 months ago 86 Views

Ever wonder why Super market Flowers seem so much less then Florists ? Here are a few reasons

Yes in an ideal world competition is fair and we all have access to the same advantages, and as we all know this is far from true. There are a lot of good reasons why supermarket flowers are much less then flowers purchased at the florist . Being born on a flower farm and having worked in every aspect of the industry I have formed what I would consider a good well founded reasoning why this is.

1. Economy of scale

Purchasing truckloads ( planeloads ) and transporting truckloads of flowers is very different , in cost and handling. Large companies like Kroger and Amazon ( Wholefoods and King Soopers ) transport their on flowers, and can buy whole crops. This form of mass distribution is not Ideal for flowers as you can imagine, but is a significant Cost saving.

2 Loss Leader

Often flower departments are used to lure customers in and by offering products with low mark ups ( lower then florists can ) Florists departments are not required to make money ( as you can see in the tremendous amount of waste ) and are often ran under the produce department umbrella.

3 Lower Quality

Having been a supplier in the early years of my career, I can state as a fact that the quality of flowers is definitely inferior to florist flowers.

Finally as a florist now I can tell you that even with these markups that might seem very high , we florists are not "raking it in " as the supermarkets are. We are currently struggling for our survival , even as I must say our clients have been fantastic during this pandemic and support has been amazing. Save the local florist , bakery, butcher and small restaurant. Who wants to live in a world where the only choices are Amazon, Costco or King Soopers

Spring Arrangements

By 1 years ago 198 Views

You know that spring has sprung in your area when the grass turns green, the trees are getting that light green shimmer and your favorite flowers start to bloom. We at 5280 Flowers offer a wide array of spring flower arrangements. Spring is the season of renewal and flowers! Celebrate this joyful time of year by sending a loved one a fresh bouquet that will gracefully transition their home or workplace from winter to the warmer days ahead. Spring flowers like tulips, hyacinth, Daffodils, grape hyacinth, ranunculus or muscari and anemones, are often accompanied with more summery flowers like peonies, lilac and viburnum. Please keep in mind that spring arrangements do not like full sun and high temperatures. We show a nice all blue and lavender spring arrangement with hyacinth anemones helleborus and tulips . The greens in this arrangement are Jasmine vine , fern and we make use of the natural foliages of the products. Spring arrangements can last 4-7 days and must be watered daily. Often Spring arrangements can be fragrant, so not ideal for hospitals and people that are ill.